SEO And Why It’s Important

For many businesses, where your website ranks on google and the other search engines is the equivalent of what prime real estate was to businesses in the past. The first result on google is the new times square for businesses. This prime digital real estate ensures traffic to your website and in turn increased sales. 

How Do We Improve Your Ranking?

Where your website shows up on google’s website is traditoinally referred to as your ranking. We use many different techniques to improve your website’s ranking. The first step is making sure your website is built to modern web design standards. Google will regularly check your website and if the google algorithm is seeing dated code that is never updated – you will not rank very high! Our SEO specialists make sure your website is always up to date and putting it’s best foot forward in the eyes of google. 

Coding and Content Updates

We not only keep up to date with how your website is coded, but also regularly change your content to once again show google that your website is active and a good place to send all those potential customers! 

What Keywords Can You Rank For?

Before we start your SEO campaign, we will develop a list of targeted keywords. Keywords are google search terms that you would want to rank for. For example, Our company has an SEO strategy that focuses on keywords like “SEO help”, “Web designer”, “Social media outsourcing”, Etc.. Maybe that’s even how you found us! Different keywords are more or less competitive and this is also something we will discuss. Depending on your budget, it may not be smart to focus on the more competitive keywords. However, we have success utilizing almost any budget to help our clients rank for keywords that drive sales! 

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